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According to Wikipedia, “Community television is a form of mass media in which a television station is owned, operated or programmed by a community group to provide television programs of local interest known as local programming.

Our local example is Channel 29 in Eugene, OR, which is great, and Eugene Cannabis TV, (with DanK and Normal Bean and many other hosts and additional programming), has over 700 segments recorded, over many years. That’s wonderful, but the reality is that since it’s operated by a school, there are limitations to real-time use or demonstration of real cannabis.

One goal of The Universal Love Family is to be able to fund diverse Hippie Communities to have their own equipment to be able to locally produce Hippie content, by satellite, in a Hippie Television Network. It would be great to be able to fully fund each community, on a non-profit basis, and there are existing paradigms to support this idea, such as viewer volunteer contributions in fund raising drives. It seems to work for PBS, for example.

On the other hand, if each station were able to fund their own cost-of-doing-business by selling advertisements for their own local recreational hemp distributors, (for example), or monetize their content through advertising other non-violent and sustainable products, (and that’s the only way it makes sense in that community to pay the bills), then that business model (and it’s pitfalls) is well known. Welcome to Capitalism!

But Our Foundation is not (yet) capable of Carnegie-type <>, where, beginning in 1911, Andrew Carnegie funded new Libraries across small-town America, to <https://www.carnegie.org/about/our-history/> “to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding”.

Our Vision is to liberate television for Community-based Cannabis-friendly educational and entertainment content (and advertising), across America, (or better, with no borders at all!) through Foundation donations of equipment and startup costs. Each smaller group of Hippies anywhere in the Nation, could join their Brothers and Sisters in creating content more relevant to Our thoughts and beliefs and visions of the future.

One way you can help us reach such a goal (of the creation of a National Satellite Hippie Television Network), to support The Road To Woodstock 50th Anniversary Tour, managed by The Universal Love Family, this Summer and Fall, 2019.

If you have ideas to contribute to this Vision, please respond in Comments. Thank you!

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